High Performance Oil Filter

Revolutionary [double filter paper] + magnet ring imporves engine efficiency!!

2 filter paper + MAGNET!! 

Catches the iron powder by the MAGNET

Product Features

  • 2 layers filtration structure: Combination of high performance 10 micron and standard 20 micron filter papers. results in up to 150% more filtration effect than conventional filters.

  • Special Woven: PIAA original design to achieve most efficient filtration.

  • Enlarged oil inlet port: PIAA original design, up to 170% more oil flow than conventional filters.

  • Magnet effect: Super powerful magnet ring (100 millitesla/1000 gauss) built in the filter, catches metal debris. (Special feature with magnet type only).

  • Wide Adaptability: Covers 95% Japanese passenger vehicles in Japan.